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Hi! We are the only advertising and information network of plasma TVs placed on the waiting platforms of ALL stations of Minsk Metro and at the bus station "Tsentralny". Our network has an audience reach of over 1,000,000 people per day!
We are based on smart technologies that allow us to recognize gadgets in range and read their identifiers. This allows us to assess passengers based on their interests and socio-demographics, combining this with airtime and audience.
The goal of our work is to maximize targeted reach. We target ads and show them exactly when the product-relevant audience prevails in the visibility area of our structures. To do this, we use aggregated, anonymized data to determine the audience profile.
Our network consists of 69 TV screens placed in 29 stations of Minsk subway, as well as 4 TV screens in the waiting room of the bus station "Tsentralny". We have been working in the advertising market since 2005, gaining experience and knowledge to offer you the best solution to promote your brand or goods.
Join us and trust our expertise and the power of our network to reach a wide audience and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising. With us, your ad will be seen by everyone!
Metro-TV - fresh solutions in advertising!
Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
Kropotkina street, 93a
+375 (29) 601 38 23
+375 (44) 703 80 02
+375 (29) 333 36 30