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Salmon Agency has been working since 1996. It is an independent local agency with 18 years of international experience in DDB and BBDO networks and more than 150 awards at local and international festivals.

In 2022 Salmon advertising agency was awarded the title of the best at the Local Advertising Festival LAMA in Belarus. Winning at LAMA in 2022 brought Salmon Agency not only recognition as the best in the industry, but also sparked the internal question, "Who are we?"

Our philosophy:
The Salmon Agency is a hub of creative ideas where employees are dedicated to their work.
We are a team that never stops looking for new and creative solutions to surprise clients and exceed their expectations.
- "Selfish" - Our ambitions are so big that we often overlook no one but ourselves. A healthy fulfillment of inner ambition.
- "Awesome" - Awesome by right. Salmon Agency's creative team can offer their clients truly amazing solutions.
- "Fortunate" - We're lucky because we work at the best agency in the country. We are known and have the attention of our clients.
- "Mirrored" - We are the mirror image of our clients. We deserve them, they deserve us. It's how we live in love.
- Obsessed - Obsessed with ideas and thoughts, concepts and hypotheses.
- "Nonconformism" - A set of views characterizing the freedom of worldviews and human actions contrary to generally accepted norms and traditions. The atmosphere in the team is imbued with the spirit of freedom, independence and individuality. We do not follow conventions, but create our own rules of the game.
Olshevskogo str. 22, room 40, office 605,
220073, Minsk, Republic of Belarus